150 Synthesis, Characterization and Targeted Cell Imaging Applications of Poly(p-phenylene)s with amino and poly(ethylene glycol) Substituents

Huseyin Akbulut, Bahar Guler, Suna Timur and Yusuf Yagci, 2015, RSC Advances,5, 60861-60869.

149 Polythiophene-g-poly(ethylene glycol) with Lateral Amino Groups as a Novel Matrix for Biosensor Construction

Huseyin Akbulut, Guliz Bozokalfa, Duygu N. Asker, Bilal Demir, Emine Guler, Dilek Odaci Demirkol, Suna Timur and Yusuf Yagci, 2015, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 7(37),20612–20622.

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148 Multi-Functional Fluorescent Scaffold as a Multi-colour Probe: Design and Application in Targeted Cell Imaging

M. Kesik, B. Demir, F. B. Barlas, C. Geyik, S. C. Cevher, D. Odaci Demirkol, S. Timur, A. Cirpan and L. Toppare, 2015, RSC Advances, 5, 83361-83367.

147 Bio-Applications of Polythiophene-g-Polyphenylalanine Covered Surfaces, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics

Emine Guler, Huseyin Akbulut, Guliz Bozokalfa, Bilal Demir, Gizem Oyman Eyrilmez, Murat Yavuz, Dilek Odaci Demirkol, Hakan Coskunol, Takeshi Endo, Shuhei Yamada, Suna Timur, Yusuf Yagci, 2015, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics (Accepted).

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146 Herbal infusions of black seed and wheat germ oil: Their chemical profiles, in vitro bio-investigations and effective formulations as Phyto-Nanoemulsions

Z. Pinar Gumus, Emine Guler, Bilal Demir, F. Baris Barlas, Murat Yavuz, Dilara Colpankan, A. Murat Senisik, Serap Teksoz, Perihan Unak, Hakan Coskunol, Suna Timur, 2015, Colloids and Surfaces B (Accepted).

145 Modified Gold Surfaces with Gold Nanoparticles and 6-(Ferrocenyl)hexanethiol: Design of Mediated Microbial Sensor

Nimet Yildirim, Dilek Demirkol, Suna Timur, 2015, Electroanalysis, 27, 52 – 57

144 Ferrocene-Functionalized 4-(2,5-di (thiophen-2-yl)-1H-pyrrol-1-yl)aniline: A novel Design in Conducting Polymer based Electrochemical Biosensor

Rukiye Ayranci, Dilek Demirkol, Metin Ak, Suna Timur, 2015, Sensors, 15(1), 1389-403.

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143 Phyto-Niosomes: In vitro Assessment of the Novel Nanovesicles Containing Marigold Extract

Rabia Nur Un, F. Baris Barlas, Murat Yavuz, Didem Ag Seleci, Muharrem Seleci, Z. Pinar Gumus, Emine Guler, Bilal Demir, Mustafa Can, Hakan Coskunol and Suna Timur, 2015, International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials (Accepted).

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142 Nano-Structured Amphiphilic Star-Hyperbranched Blockcopolymers for Drug Delivery

Muharrem Seleci, Didem Ag Seleci, Mustafa Ciftci, Dilek Demirkol, Frank Stahl, Suna Timur, Thomas Scheper, Yusuf Yagci, 2015, Langmuir, 21; 31(15), 4542-51.

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141 Selective Cell Adhesion and Biosensing Applications of Bio-active Block Copolymers Prepared by CuAAC/Thiol-ene Double Click Reactions

Gizem Oyman Eyrilmez, Sean Doran, Eljesa Murtezi, Bilal Demir, Dilek Odaci Demirkol, Hakan Coskunol, Suna Timur, Yusuf Yagci, 2015 Macromolecular Bioscience (Accepted).

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